Christmas baby names

07. 01. 2020
30+ Graceful CHRISTMAS Names for Girls and Boys

Christmas is a magical time. And having a baby born during this period of time makes it extra special. Did you know that on average fewer babies are born on Christmas day than any other day of the year? So if your...

average normal newborn baby birth weight

07. 01. 2020
Newborn Baby Birth Weight: What Is Normal, Average and Low?

Did you ever wonder what is the normal weight of a newborn baby? You may be concerned about your own baby’s health or you just may be curious. Either way keep on reading to find out what still counts as...

10. 12. 2019
10 CUTE and EASY Christmas 🎄Card Ideas to Do with Kids

Make a unique and creative Christmas card with your baby’s foot and fingerprints. You are probably wondering what kind of Christmas card you should send to your friends and family this year. Now that there is a...

girl names starting with C

03. 12. 2019
50 UNIQUE Baby Girl Names Starting with “C”

And we are back with another letter of the alphabet. In this article we are taking a look at girl names starting with C. This list will give you some inspiration for unique and unusual names for your little baby girl....

Baby Christmas Pictures

26. 11. 2019
5 CUTE and SIMPLE Ideas for Baby Christmas🎄 Pictures

Christmas is coming. You will surely want to send out some Christmas cards. So what better opportunity to make some Christmas themed pictures of your baby. Whether it’s your babys first Christmas or second or...

Baby hertbeat tattoo

19. 11. 2019
35 Baby Name Tattoo Ideas for New Mom and Dad

Few things in life change it so dramatically as having a child. Your baby is irreversibly part of your life now and forever. As is a tattoo. It then makes sense that a lot of new parents want to commemorate this...

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