Pregnancy and traveling


Generally the best time for traveling – according to experts – is during the second trimester around 14-28 weeks. In that time, women have the biggest amount of energy, don’t have nausea anymore and generally don’t feel as uncomfortable as the sixth month of pregnancy might suggest. Also, the risk of miscarriage and other complications is lower. But it’s always better to ask your doctor for his opinion and recommendations.

But don’t fear traveling. If your pregnancy is without any complications and you follow the right precautions, it’s perfectly safe to travel.

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Traveling by..

  • plane – Most of airlines let you travel by plane up to 36 weeks. But usually, you need a special form from your doctor saying that you can travel by plane after you are 28 weeks along. It’s not recommended to travel by plane during the third trimester because of the risk of preterm birth or DVT – Deep vein thrombosis.
  • boat – There are similar rules as with traveling by plane. Some companies want your doctor’s recommendation too after 28 weeks. It’s better to check with the specific ferry company you’re traveling with before your trip every time.
  • train, bus – If you can choose, it’s always better to travel by car or train. In a train, you have enough space and have the possibility to stretch, walk around or use a toilet.
  • car – It doesn’t matter if you are a passenger or a driver. You can take a break and stop (almost) everywhere and every time you need. When you travel by car, it’s recommended to take a break every 2 hours. Also, please pay attention to driving safely and always fasten your seatbelts.

Food and drink

Generally, during pregnancy, you should stay hydrated enough. So it’s important to drink while traveling. Make sure you ask if the tap water in your destination is safe to drink or not. If not, use bottled water. Don’t forget your baby needs enough of nutrients. You need to eat regularly, so pack some snacks with you.

Choose your destination

When you’re pregnant, it’s always better to choose a domestic destination for your vacation. If it’s necessary and you need to travel to some exotic areas, it’s better to get some vaccinations against viruses and bacterias. But don’t forget some kind of vaccination is not recommended to get during pregnancy because (some of them) could harm your baby in the womb.

Don’t forget your documents

If you travel abroad, you should get travel insurance. Maybe you won’t need it, but it’s better in any case. Also, you should have your pregnancy documents such as the copy of your prenatal records and medical notes with you.

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