10 Amazing Gift Ideas for New Dad

What are the top 10 things that make the perfect gift for a new father?

All of these are very practical gifts that any man but especially a new dad would appreciate.

Do you want to know what type of gift should you buy for this year’s Father’s Day?

Continue reading and you will find out.


Clothing for new dad (and baby)

Gift Ideas for New Dad

What an adorable way to let everyone know he is a new dad! Get him a t-shirt with some funny fatherhood-related text. Many of these t-shirts also come with a matching baby onesie. There are some of the cutest we found.

Books for new dads

new dad gift ideas

Every new dad probably feels the same – unprepared. This is a new chapter of his life. The very first time he is going to be a dad. How will he know, what to do? What to say? How to support his wife? So many questions. Luckily, there are numerous books addressing this very topic. So what about a funny and useful book about fatherhood as a gift?

Check out some curated list:

Technology gift ideas for dad

Not every man is tech-savvy but most of them would appreciate a technology gift. Now that they are dads on the go they will need even more gadgets to stay on top of their game.

Practical gifts for a new dad

fathers day gifts for new dad

Any new dad who wants to help his wife as much as possible will need the means to do so. These practical gifts are exactly that – tools that will make life better for the whole new family.

Mugs for dads

new dad father's day gift ideas

Mugs are something we never have enough of. Especially new dads will need some new mugs for all the coffee they will be drinking.

Find a mug with a funny text and cute lettering and you will have a gift that never gets old. Choose your favorite on Amazon.

DIY gift ideas

Are you a crafty person with lots of ideas? Then you can create your own gift for a new dad. This idea is inspired by The Dating Divas and their New Dad Gift Basket.

If the future dad in question is your husband, you can write him a touching letter about how much you value him. Mention how happy you are that he is the father of your baby and how you are looking forward to all the adventures you are going to have together as a family.

Another cute idea is o create little coupons for him. Make coupons for him to choose a movie, dinner, or to go out with his friends.

  • a letter or a card
  • coupons


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