12. 04. 2024
Audio Activity Chart: How does the audio activity chart in the baby monitor work?

What kind of information does the audio activity chart provide? An audio activity chart on a baby monitor shows noises during sleep time in your baby’s room. Basically, the chart is a visual representation of the...

11. 04. 2024
Baby Monitor with Cry Detection: What is the baby cry detection system?

What is the baby cry detection system? A baby cry detection system is a technology designed to recognize and alert you when a baby is crying.  So basically, special sound analysis algorithms are used to identify...

10. 04. 2024
Baby Monitor Two Way Talk: What is two-way talk on baby monitor?

The two-way talk feature on a baby monitor allows you to communicate with your little one remotely from the parent unit to the baby unit.  It’s similar to an intercom system, providing a way to talk to the...

09. 04. 2024
Baby Sleep Tracker: How can I track my baby’s sleep?

Using a baby sleep tracker is a great way to keep an eye on your baby’s sleep patterns. It helps you establish a regular sleep routine and catch any disruptions or irregularities.  With a baby sleep tracker,...

08. 04. 2024
Video Baby Monitor App: How do I zoom in and out on my baby monitor?

Having a video baby monitor can be a game-changer.  It’s much better than the traditional audio-only monitors because you can see and hear your baby’s activities in real time, ensuring they sleep...

27. 02. 2024
What’s New: Dive Into Features of Annie Baby Monitor [2024 UPDATE]

The Annie Baby Monitor app offers a wide set of features designed to help parents stay in a loop with little ones’ safety, needs, and milestones.  Tell me, what are the features?! Let’s take a...

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