11. 04. 2024
Baby Monitor with Cry Detection: What is the baby cry detection system?

What is the baby cry detection system? A baby cry detection system is a technology designed to recognize and alert you when a baby is crying.  So basically, special sound analysis algorithms are used to identify...

10. 04. 2024
Baby Monitor Two Way Talk: What is two-way talk on baby monitor?

The two-way talk feature on a baby monitor allows you to communicate with your little one remotely from the parent unit to the baby unit.  It’s similar to an intercom system, providing a way to talk to the...

09. 04. 2024
Baby Sleep Tracker: How can I track my baby’s sleep?

Using a baby sleep tracker is a great way to keep an eye on your baby’s sleep patterns. It helps you establish a regular sleep routine and catch any disruptions or irregularities.  With a baby sleep tracker,...

08. 04. 2024
Video Baby Monitor App: How do I zoom in and out on my baby monitor?

Having a video baby monitor can be a game-changer.  It’s much better than the traditional audio-only monitors because you can see and hear your baby’s activities in real time, ensuring they sleep...

27. 02. 2024
What’s New: Dive Into Features of Annie Baby Monitor [2024 UPDATE]

The Annie Baby Monitor app offers a wide set of features designed to help parents stay in a loop with little ones’ safety, needs, and milestones.  Tell me, what are the features?! Let’s take a...

26. 01. 2024
Brand Collaboration on Instagram with Annie Baby Monitor

Brand collaboration on Instagram with Annie Baby Monitor is an exciting opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the parenting community. Annie Baby Monitor is cooperating with many influencers worldwide...

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