when do graco car seats expire

Graco Car Seats Surely Do Protect Kids But When Do They Expire? Let’s Find Out

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Some fact:

Graco is a perennial name in the baby products space. They offer a wide variety of products to help parents better cope with their kids.

Among these products are their line of car seats to protect children in transit. 


Like virtually everything else, Graco car seats have an expiration date. So, for the safety of the children using these seats, it’s imperative to know the date. 

Read on as we reveal the expiration date of the seats and other related things.

When Do Graco Car Seats Expire? 

Knowing the expiration date of your Graco car seat is a step further in protecting your kids. Graco car seats expire after 7 to 10 years of useful life. To find the expiration date, check the seat’s label for the DOM and the manual for the useful life. Upon expiration, dispose of the seat, buy a new one and register it.

Graco Car Seats Expiration Dates 


Graco car seats have a 7 to 10-year useful life period. After this time, the seats expire and become unsafe to use. 

According to Graco:

Belt-positioning boosters and steel-reinforced belt path car seats have 10 years of useful life. These seats are typically for children between the ages of 4 and 10.

On the other hand, plastic-reinforced belt path car seats have 7 years of useful life. They are primarily designed for children less than 4 years of age.


You may be surprised that the seat actually does expire (or expire that fast), especially when you plan on reusing it. You may have even conceived the idea that it might be a ploy by the manufacturers to sell more seats. 

Well, experts and evidence suggest otherwise. 

You see:

During your seat’s useful life, so much happens. For one, your child sits on it frequently for several years. And remember, children tend to be rough, so they may frequently hit the seat.

According to experts, these seats are also weakened by hot temperatures. 

Even more:

Mishandling the seat, wear and tear, and inevitably changing it between vehicles also shortens its life. 

when do graco car seats expire
Source: Halfords

Finding the Expiration Date for Your Graco Car Seat

Here’s the thing:

Graco doesn’t explicitly reveal the expiration date of their car seats. However, you can figure this out easily using the date of manufacture (DOM) and the useful life of the seat.

You’ll find the DOM on the seat’s label that’s by the side. Once you do, check your manual for the seat’s useful life. 

You can also find the useful life on the sticker stamped on the back of the seat. Both the manual and sticker clearly state the useful life of the seat.


What you want to do is add the useful life to the DOM, and you’ll have the seat’s expiration date. 

That is UL + DOM = Expiration Date.

Here are some examples:

Say you own a SnugRide®️ SnugLock™ 30 model manufactured on 13/11/2022; the expiration will be 13/11/2029. This is because the said model has a 7-year useful life. 


If you have a 10-year useful life model like the Extend2Fit®️ 3-in-1 with the same DOM, the expiration date will be 13/11/2032.

It’s really that simple to figure out.

What to do When Graco Car Seat Expires 

First and foremost:

Pull the plug on the seat. Remove it from the car and never use it again. Next, you must dispose of it so that another person cannot use it. Alternatively, you can take it to be recycled. 

Here’s what Draco recommends:

  • Peel off the cover 
  • Remove the harness straps 
  • Use a sharp object to write “Do Not Use, Expired.
  • Put the seat in a black garbage bag or can
  • Dispose of it or take it to recyclers 


After getting rid of the expired car seat, you have to buy a new one for your child and register it.

Buying a New Graco Car Seat

Before buying a new seat, consider your kid’s height and weight. 

It is likely your kid had already outgrown the expired seat anyway. Thus, the new seat should be bigger.


Ensure that you buy one of the latest models as they have up-to-date safety features.


Do not buy a used car seat, no matter how tempting the offer might be. Yes, economic conditions are harsh, but the safety of your kids should be paramount. 

However, if you must buy, check the DOM and ensure that the seat has never been involved in a crash. Even a minor crash is enough to jeopardize the safety of any child that uses it afterward. 

Also, the seller has to be an acquaintance who can assure you of the seat’s good history.

Registering Your New Graco Car Seat

As you know:

Manufacturers often recall their products when safety issues are detected. In light of this, Draco allows customers to register their car seats so that when there’s a recall, they’ll notify them. 


Given the possible devastating consequence of the detected safety issues, registering your car seat should be a no-brainer. 

You can register your seat in three ways:


Graco car seats are ideal for protecting your kids. However, these seats have expiration dates, after which you must stop using them. 

That said:

Here’s all you need to know about the expiration date of Graco car seats:

  • Graco car seats expire 7 to 10 years after the date of manufacture 
  • You can determine the date of expiration by adding the useful life to the date of manufacture 
  • The date of manufacture is on the label of the seat
  • The useful life of the seat is in the manual and on the sticker at the back of the seat
  • Dispose of an expired car seat and get a new one
  • Avoid buying used car seats
  • Register your new car seat, so you get notified if there’s recall

And that’s all there is to know.

If you have other questions concerning the expiration date of Graco car seats, please reach us via the comment section below. 

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F&Q About When Graco Car Seats Expiration Dates 

How Long are Graco Car Seats Good for After Manufacture Date?

Belt-positioning boosters and steel-reinforced belt path car seats are good for 10 years after manufacture date. Whereas, plastic-reinforced belt path car seats are good for 7 years after manufacture. After this period, the car seat expires.

How Do I Check If My Car Seat is Expired?

To check the expiration date of your car seat, first, confirm the date of manufacture on the label. Next, check the seat’s useful life in the manual or the sticker pasted at the back.

Lastly, add the useful life to the date of manufacture, and you should know whether or not your seat is expired.

Can I Use an Expired Car Seat?

No, once a car seat has expired, dispose of it completely so that no one else can use it.

What is the Safest Location to Install Car Seats in a Car

The safest location to install a car seat is the one recommended by the car manufacturer. This should be contained in the car owner’s manual.

Usually, manufacturers recommend installing the car seat in the middle of the back seat. 

How Long is a Graco Snugride 35 Good for?

The SnugRide®️ SnugLock®️ 35 Infant Car Seat has a 7-year useful life, after which it expires.

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