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Don’t Know the Correct Way to Wash Squishmallows? Follow These Easy Steps

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A name that resonates in millions of households globally. Loved by children and even adults, these cute and fluffy plushies usually come in the form of popular cartoon characters. 

In addition to their softness and cuteness, squishmallows typically have bright colors, which is another reason they’re adored by many.


As a combination of soft material and bright colors, squishmallows are prone to constant stains and dirt. Meaning you must wash them regularly.


If you find yourself wondering how best to wash a squishmallow, you’ve come to the right source. Simply follow these steps.

How to Wash Squishmallows 

Squishmallows have become a necessity, especially in households with children. But how do you wash them? For an overall wash, use a washing machine or try hand washing the squishmallow. After washing, dry the squishmallow and fluff it. You’ll have to spot-clean the plush to get rid of stains without washing.

Machine Washing a Squishmallow 

You see:

Washing a squishmallow with a washing machine is a pretty straightforward process. It requires neither much preparation nor supplies.

Below is a list of all you need:

  • Washing machine
  • Mesh bag, laundry bag, or pillowcase 
  • Mild Detergent

After readying the supplies, follow these steps to machine wash your squishmallow:

  • Step 1: Put your squishmallow into any protective bag available. This can be a mesh bag, laundry bag, or pillowcase. 

If the squishmallow is too big to fit into any of these items, get a bed sheet and wrap it around the toy. Ensure that the sides of the sheet are not exposed. 

The protective bags prevent damage as these soft toys are rather delicate.

  • Step 2: Place the bag or bed sheet in the drum of the washing machine. It is not advised to wash clothes(especially the ones with hard fabrics) with squishmallows.
  • However, adding bedding to these super soft objects can prevent them from flattening. 
  • Step 3: Add your detergent. Avoid using whitening detergents that may inflict discoloration on the soft pillow. Also, avoid softeners, as they can damage the fluffy exterior fabric.
  • Step 4: Wash your squishmallow in a gentle and cold wash cycle. Using hot water will likely damage the soft material. 
  • Step 5: Remove your plush and dry it after the wash cycle. Manufacturers warn against using dryers to dry your squishmallow as they’re made of spandex and polyester.

They instead recommend air drying it by hanging it on a rack in a cool, dry environment, so it dries naturally.

However, if you must use a dryer, ensure you do so at very low heat.

Hand Washing a Squishmallow 

Squishmallows are machine-washable, as recommended by manufacturers, but you can also hand wash them sometimes. This is especially when the plush is too fragile, and you feel you can be more careful washing it manually.

Like using a washer, hand washing is also straightforward. You just need the following supplies.

  • A basin
  • Mild detergent
  • Lukewarm water

Now, follow these steps to wash your plush manually:

  • Step 1: Pour lukewarm water into a basin. Ensure that the water is enough to submerge the squishmallow. 
  • Step 2: Add a mild detergent to the water, dip the plush inside it and gently scrub the surface of squishmallow. You can scrub with the palm of your hand or with a very soft brush or fabric.
  • Step 3: Empty the basin and refill it with clean water to rinse the squishmallow.
  • Step 4: Remove the squishmallow from the water and squeeze it to lay off excess water.
  • Step 5: Hang the soft toy on a rack in a cool, dry place to dry naturally.


After washing your squishmallow, you’ll notice that the fluffiness (which is the fun part of it) is no longer there. This is because the water must have caused the soft material of the toy to stick together. 

All you have to do to revive the fluffiness is to give your squishmallow some squishes.

Spot Cleaning a Squishmallow 

Since these toys are so much fun, children are likely to include them in all their activities. As a result, they may leave marks from food or even paint on the plush. 

In that case, you’ll have to spot-clean the squishmallow. 


How you spot clean depends on the toughness of the stain. However, here are the required supplies:

  • Damp cloth
  • Detergent 
  • Stain Remover Pen

A quick clean with detergent and a damp cloth should suffice for ordinary stains like ice cream and other food marks.

I should reiterate:

Do not use a whitening detergent, as it can distort the coloration of your plush and kill its attractiveness. Also, ensure that the damp cloth has a smooth surface.


If you’re dealing with a tough stain, you’ll have to use a stain remover pen. You can find this pen on several e-commerce outlets like Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, and Target.

To use a stain remover pen:

Wipe the stain with detergent and a damp cloth to loosen it. Next, apply the pen all over it and leave it for a few minutes to dry.

Lastly, wipe the stain using a damp cloth, and that should be all. 


Squishmallows have come to stay as they’re well-loved by children and adults alike. But how do you keep these cute and fluffy plushies clean?

Not to worry, here’s how easy it is to do it:

  • Wash your squishmallow using a washing machine 
  • Only wash in the gentle and cold washing cycle 
  • Air dry the plush or tumble dry it with a very low heat
  • Hand wash your squishmallow
  • Avoid using whitening detergents
  • Remove ordinary stains with a damp cloth and detergent
  • Remove tough stains with a stain remover pen

At this point, you know how easy it is to wash your squishmallow friend. But if you still have other inquiries about squishmallows, don’t hesitate to reach us via the comment box below.

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F&Q About How to Wash Squishmallows 

Can Squishmallows Go in the Washer and Dryer?

You can wash squishmallows using a washing machine. However, it has to be a gentle and cold wash. 

In the same way, you can also dry squishmallows with a dryer. Although manufacturers do not recommend this, using a very low heat should work.

How Do You Clean a Dirty Squishmallow? 

You can clean a dirty squishmallow by putting it inside a mesh or laundry bag and tossing it inside a washer. You can also hand wash it. 

How Do You Remove Tough Stains From Squishmallows?

You can remove tough stains using a stain remover pen. Simply apply the pen around the stain, leave it for a few minutes and wipe it with a damp cloth.

Can I Load My Squishmallow Alongside My Regular Laundry?

It is not advisable to combine other clothes with your squishmallow. This is especially when you have clothes with hard or rough surfaces in the laundry. However, you can add bedding to your squishmallow to prevent it from flattening.

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