7 First Time Pregnancy Tips


1. Self-care

This is one of the most important tips while pregnancy. During pregnancy, you can have a lot of different feelings, moods, and thoughts about your changing looks. Reward yourself to get rid of those feelings of self-doubt. Go for a manicure, get a new haircut, dress nicely, meet up with friends, get some extra rest or anything else to help you stay confident.

Do something that is just for you. Have you always wanted to study French, read Pride and Prejudice, or take some online courses? Well, now my sister, is the time to do it! Once you have a newborn, your life is completely consumed with taking care of this new little being. Keeping it warm, safe, fed, and clean is pretty much a full-time job. This is why during pregnancy is the perfect time to take advantage of the last few months when you can be a bit selfish with your time without feeling guilty. It’s easy to feel a little consumed by your pregnancy so it’s nice to have something to focus on that brings you joy or makes you feel passionate and isn’t baby related.

2. Stretching and relaxation

If you feel pain or tension in your body, give yourself some special care. You can stretch or relax with exercises, deep breathing, and meditation. Go to the spa for a massage or aromatherapy. Aromatherapy scents can be powerful. Just a whiff of a certain smell can bring memories rushing to the forefront of your mind or lower your blood pressure. Sleeping is also the main pregnancy tip.

Meditation and mindfulness have countless benefits. Spending time meditating can:

  • reduce stress
  • help to control anxiety
  • enhance self-awareness
  • improve sleep
  • help to control pain
  • decrease blood pressure

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3. Exercise

Why is it so important to stay active during your pregnancy? It is proven that exercise affects mood. Physical activity will give you a boost of energy. You’ll feel more comfortable, fresh, and stress-free.

Exercising is also very good to strengthen your muscles to prevent back problems, for easier childbirth and better body recovery after childbirth. If you didn’t exercise before you got pregnant it’s not necessary to be the top-level sportswoman. You can choose something easy-going such as yoga, swimming, going for a walk or special pregnancy exercise courses. Also in these times exist a lot of YouTube videos, so all you need is a mat and a determination.

The best exercise for you is one hundred percent pre-natal yoga, there are so many additional benefits that come with it. Yoga helps to prepare you for labor and delivery both physically and emotionally. Much of the work in pre-natal yoga is about releasing tension and opening the body and mind while using your breath as a tool.

4. Food and drinks

Pay attention to eating varied balanced meals with enough vitamins and minerals. Your body tells you what it really wants and craves, give it all it needs. Don’t use pregnancy as an excuse to ditch your healthy eating habits. For the most part, you’ll want to feed your in-utero baby things you would feed a regular baby- lots of veggies, fruits, healthy proteins and fats, and very little processed foods or refined sugars. You should eat and drink enough for your baby and you. Just be careful when eating raw or undercooked eggs, meat, seafood and fish (also with high levels of mercury), and unpasteurized food.

Drink plenty of fluids. Even when you feel bloated, it is important to drink fluids. Drink at least 2.3 liters of fluids like water, milk, juice, soup, caffeine-free coffee, and tea.

5. Connection with your child

Your unborn baby is taking in everything around you. It’s important to keep the connection strong in order to form a strong bond and pass on the feeling of safety and love. You can sing and talk to your baby or respond that way to its kicks and movements. Your baby will also recognize your belly rubs and massage.

You can also connect with your child through his or her heartbeat. You know that hearing your baby’s heartbeat in your doctor’s office is so exciting. Nowadays, it’s not the only possibility. You can get special mobile apps such as Baby Heartbeats Monitor and pair it with the fetal Doppler. Then just replicate that amazing feeling and listen to your unborn baby’s pulse anytime, anywhere.

6. Partnership

A partner’s support is especially important for the mom and baby during this busy time. A woman who feels supported by her partner during and after pregnancy may feel happier and less stressed. Spend enough time with your partner. It means a lot for both you and your new family to feel safe and like you can rely on him or her. Everything is easier when can share your joy, happiness, and troubles too.

7. Forget you’re pregnant

Not literally of course! It’s great when you follow all those well-meant pregnancy tips you keep on reading about in your pregnancy books and magazines. But sometimes the best way to stay on top of things is to just forget you’re pregnant and act the way you would before you got pregnant. Laugh a lot, have fun and live your life to its full potential.

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