10 Fun EASTER Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

There is a ton of different activities you can do with your toddler during Easter.

We have made a list of 10 Easter activities we believe both you and your child will love.

Some of these are super easy and some are better done together.

This is a great way to spend some family quality time together.


1. Easter Coloring Pages

Easter activities for toddlers

Who doesn’t love coloring?

This is an activity both you and your child can enjoy.

There are 20 pictures to choose from full of Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, and little chicks.

Print out your favorite pictures and spend a few hours with pencils and crayons.

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2. Easter Sponge Painting

Easter activities for toddlers

Did you know you can cut a sponge in any shape you want?

Well, probably yes, but have you ever thought of making some cool, reusable and child-friendly stamps out of them?

Your child can decide what kind of shapes she wants and then you can cut them out of the sponges.

This is an activity even a little baby can take part in and create some unique Easter paintings.

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3. Salt Dough Easter Eggs

Making the salt dough requires a bit more effort on your part. But you will need just some flour, salt and a bit of water to make it.

Once your Easter ornaments are done your toddler will love decorating these. It is definitely easier than painting real eggs.

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4. Toilet Paper Roll Bunny

The perfect activity for a crafting afternoon.

Save some toilet paper rolls and you can make the cutest Easter decorations.

It also isn’t as complicated as it may seem. You will only need some white and colored paper and a black marker.

The colored pipe cleaners are super cute, but you can use stripes of colored paper if you do not have them.

The goggly eyes are also optional (you can always draw them).

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5. Easter Egg Spoon Balancing

Need a quick and simple way to entertain your kid (and get some blessed alone-time)?

Give him a wooden spoon and a plastic wobbly egg.

If you don’t have those, any round shaped object will do (God knows kids can play with anything).

Balancing the wobbly egg on the wooden spoon will distract your toddler for quite some time.

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6. Easter Egg Rocks

Another easy way to decorate “eggs” with your toddler or preschooler.

These colorful round-shaped rocks make for the perfect Easter decoration.

Plus it is super fun to make them.

You will need some acrylic paint, brushes, and Q-tips.

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7. Potato Easter Egg Stamps

More stamps for your little one!

These are made out of potatoes. What a clever idea.

Cut the potato in half, cut out the shapes into it and use any kind of paint to make unique Easter egg paintings.

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8. Watercolor Surprise Easter Egg

This activity is simply magic!

Firstly your toddler uses a white crayon to draw shapes o the paper.

And then she uses watercolors to reveal the hidden art beneath.

It is a marvelous surprise for everyone involved since no one really knows how the picture will turn out until it is done.

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9. Easter Bunny Ears Headband

Your child can play on being the Easter bunny!

Who would want some cute bunny ears on Easter?

You can use some colorful papers or print out the free template provided in the original article.

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10. Easter “I spy”

Entertain your little one for hours!

If your child is a fan of “I spy” games he will love this Easter-themed sheet.

Search for various Easter eggs, bunnies and other animals in this clutter of cute doodles.

↓ Download the sheet in the original article.

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