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Do Diapers Expire? Here’s All You Need To Know

Know this:
As long as you’ve got a baby, purchasing diapers is inevitable.

Knowing the number of diapers to buy can be a problem. But what happens when you purchase too many diapers?

Do you dispose of them as soon as they expire? 

Wait a minute! Do diapers even expire? 

Learn the answer to this question and more about the usage of diapers in our in-depth guide. 

What Are Diapers Used For?

Diapers are designed to absorb and hold body waste. They are made of cloth or synthetic disposable materials and are primarily worn by kids who are not toilet-trained.

You see:
Cloth diapers are composed of fabric, including plastic fibers, cotton, bamboo, hemp, and microfiber, and can be washed and reused multiple times.

Disposable diapers, on the other hand, are made of synthetic materials and absorbent chemicals and are thrown away after use.

What Are Diapers Used For

5 Ways How to Identify an Old Diaper

You can identify an old diaper by the following signs:

1. Discoloration 

If your diaper has a slight yellowish hue, it has likely been in storage for over three years.

This happens because paper products change color with time when exposed to light and air. 

2. Weak Absorption Tendency 

After a long while:
Old diapers lose their ability to absorb and hold waste products.

Consequently, the diapers may become less effective with each usage, causing leaks and resulting in skin rashes. 

3. Weak Adhesive 

You see:
If your diaper can no longer fasten properly to your baby’s waist and legs, it could be because it’s old and the adhesive has lost its sealing ability.

4. Faded Dye Prints 

Here’s the thing:
Some disposable diapers come with cute colors or adorable character prints to make them more appealing to children.

These prints could fade with time, especially if not properly stored away from direct sunlight.

5. Loss of Fragrance

Some diaper brands add scents, fragrances, or deodorizers to help disguise unpleasant smells. When these diapers get old, they could lose their fragrance.

The thing is:
While the strongly scented diapers could lose their scent, the ones with the deodorizer in them might leave an unpleasant odor during usage.

This could be due to the molecule breakdown in the fragrance or exposure to external conditions.  

Using Old or Expired Diapers

Here’s the thing:
Diapers don’t expire but lose their quality after a few years.

And even when this happens, using an old diaper for your baby has no major health consequences. 

Manufacturers recommend using them within 2-3 years of purchase for maximum and effective use.

You must discontinue use if you notice any irritation, infection, skin rashes, or other allergic reactions.

How To Prevent Diaper Wastage 

To prevent diaper wastage, estimate the number of diapers your baby uses regularly by judging from the daily pattern of diaper usage.

It’s wise to have extra diapers available for long road trips, emergencies, or days when the baby poops more than usual.

How To Prevent Diaper Wastage

Some Reputable Diaper Brands

Several diaper brands have developed numerous designs and features to make diapers comfortable for your baby’s use.

Some of these brands are:

1. Pampers

Get this:

Pampers diapers are manufactured in various styles and sizes, including swim diapers, regular diapers, and overnight diapers. 

The company attaches an umbilical cord notch to diapers to prevent any irritation.

In addition:
Pampers has a club program for parents and caregivers to learn parenting tips, earn cash for diapers, and receive discounts on products.

2. Huggies 


Huggies diapers are absorbent and free of irritating chemicals. Plus, they are available in a range of sizes.

More so:

They have a variety of wipes, all of which are free of harsh chemical components that could trigger allergic reactions. 


Huggies occasionally puts coupons on its website giving buyers discounted prices and allowing them to save money on their next purchase.

3. Hello Bello

In addition to diapers:

Hello Bello manufactures wipes, diaper rash creams, soaps, and other baby and household care products at affordable prices. 

Their products are free of harmful substances and are available in different variations.

4. Honest



Honest diapers are made for newly born children up to size 6 in fun-looking patterns and cute prints. Their diapers contain organic ingredients that are safe to use for your baby.


The Honest diaper company offers monthly subscription shipments that allow you to purchase packs of diapers, plant-based wipes, and other household care products. 

5. Kanga Care

Know this:

Kanga care diapers are a great option for parents and caregivers who would rather opt for cloth diapers.

They are produced with quality organic materials in various sizes and designs.


Kanga care offers a loyalty program that gives buyers discounts, gifts, and exclusive shopping access. 

6. Dyper


Dyper diapers are popularly considered the safest for sensitive skin because their diapers contain carbon offsetting and are produced without harmful chemicals.

The brand offers a variety of selections including standard diapers, wide diapers, cloth diapers, and training pants. 

More importantly:
You can either purchase their subscription bundle, which delivers enough diapers to last you the month, or purchase products individually.

How to Effectively Store Diapers

Here’s the thing:
Most diaper companies recommend keeping diapers in areas rid of extreme heat and humidity. Experts suggest using a storage area with an 85°F (29.4°C) temperature or less.

Excess heat or exposure to the sun can discolor diapers and melt the adhesive tape on disposable diapers.

Diapers should be kept in a box or plastic, if possible, to reduce the effect of light and air exposure.


Diapers do not expire. However, they could begin to lose their quality the older they get.

Take note of the following to guide your use of baby diapers:

  • Store your baby’s diapers in cool and dry areas free from extreme heat exposure.
  • Ensure you change diapers regularly to prevent irritation or diaper rashes.
  • Be sure to estimate your child’s daily diaper usage before purchasing diapers.
  • Buy quality diapers from reputable brands and use them within 2-3 years after purchase for maximum benefits.

Feel free to ask us questions and share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions About Diapers Expiration

How Long Do Diapers Last Before They Expire?

Diapers do not expire and can last for as long as possible. However, diaper manufacturers recommend a 2-3 year viability period.

Do Earth’s Best Diapers Expire?

Earth’s best diapers prevent leaks, are durable, and have an average absorption capacity. Although they’re not as cozy or eco-friendly as Pampers, they do not expire either.

Do Pampers Diapers Expire?

No. Pampers diapers do not expire. However, to extend the shelf life of Pampers diapers, store diapers in areas free of extreme heat or humidity.

Do Seventh-Generation Diapers Expire?

Seventh Generation diapers do not expire and are available for newborn children up to size 6.

Do Honest Diapers Expire?

Honest diapers are hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and composed of organic materials. Although they do not expire, they lose their effectiveness and quality when kept for longer periods.

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