Inspiring Mom Bloggers Who Found Success through Blogger Courses

Blogging has become an effective way for individuals across the globe to voice their ideas, connect with similar minds, and even generate income. As with many online ventures, the journey of starting a blog can be laden with complexities and challenges.

This is especially true for mom bloggers, who balance their online interests with the busy demands of motherhood. Amidst these challenges, many mom bloggers have turned to blogger courses for guidance and found remarkable success. 

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5 Amazing & Successful Mom Blogs That Make Money

Discover a world of inspiration and entrepreneurship with a curated list of 5 incredible blogs about motherhood. These powerful women have turned their passion for parenting into thriving online businesses, sharing invaluable advice, insights, and stories while earning a lucrative income. Prepare to be inspired by their achievements and entrepreneurial spirit. Let’s explore some inspiring stories mom examples: 

1. Allison Lancaster – Loving Living Lancaster

Allison Lancaster, the brain behind the successful blog Loving Living Lancaster, is a prominent figure in the world of mom blogging. After launching her blog in 2016, Allison initially faced hurdles in audience growth and monetization. To overcome these obstacles, she decided to invest in an online course, “Elite Blog Academy”. This decision transformed her writing journey and her life.

The Elite Blog Academy taught her how to develop and implement effective marketing strategies. Furthermore, she learnt to identify her target audience, create captivating content, and monetize her site. Today, Allison’s site attracts hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors. Her blog generates a steady income that has allowed her to transition from a corporate job to full-time motherhood blogger.

2. Elna Cain – Twins Mommy

Elna Cain, the creator of “Twins Mommy,” turned her passion for writing and motherhood into a successful career with the help of an online course. Elna began her blogging journey while being a stay-at-home mom to her twin toddlers. She took “Six-Figure Blogger,” a course that taught her the ins and outs of creating and selling digital products.

Elna used these newfound skills to transform her blog into a high-traffic resource for mompreneurs and also launch her own course, “Write Your Way to Your First $1k.” Today, Elna enjoys a substantial income from her writing and courses, demonstrating the transformative power of online courses.

3. Monica Froese – Redefining Mom

Monica Froese, the force behind “Redefining Mom,” is another shining example of how blogger courses can lead to remarkable success. When she started her blog, Monica struggled with reaching a larger audience. She decided to take a course on Pinterest marketing, which fundamentally transformed her writing  journey.

Armed with the knowledge from the course, Monica’s blog quickly gained traction and she started earning a steady income. Her success led her to create her course, “Pin Practical Masterclass,” where she shares her Pinterest strategies with other bloggers. Monica’s journey is a testament to how blogger courses can help bloggers not only succeed themselves, but also empower others in their blogging journey.

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4. McKinzie Bean – Moms Make Cents

McKinzie Bean’s blog, “Moms Make Cents”, is a brilliant example of how blogging courses can turn passion into profit. McKinzie initially started her blog as a hobby. However, after taking several online courses, she learned the ropes of affiliate marketing, product creation, and social media marketing. She transformed her hobby into a thriving business.

McKinzie’s blog is now a go-to resource for moms who wish to learn about making money from home. In addition, she offers a comprehensive course, “Pinterest Primer”, where she shares her Pinterest strategies that propelled her blog to success.

5. Abby Lawson – Just a Girl and Her Blog

Abby Lawson is the inspiring force behind “Just a Girl and Her Blog,” a site brimming with practical organizing tips, beautiful home decor ideas, and in-depth writing  advice. As a mother of two, Abby was initially apprehensive about plunging into the marketing world. Her initial days were a struggle to identify her niche, build an audience, and monetize her blog. To navigate this unfamiliar terrain, Abby enrolled in several blogger courses that provided her with the skills and knowledge she needed.

The courses Abby took offered a wealth of information on everything from content creation and brand building to search engine optimization and social media marketing. With the knowledge gained from these courses, Abby was able to catapult her blog into the realm of high traffic and revenue generation.


These inspiring mom bloggers remind us that acquiring the right knowledge and skills can unlock endless possibilities in the world of blogging. Blogger courses can demystify the complexities of the blogging landscape and guide budding bloggers towards success. They offer a step-by-step roadmap to developing successful motherhood blogs, from the basics of setting up a blog to mastering advanced techniques like search engine optimization, social media marketing, and monetization.

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