how to close a baby trend stroller

How Do I Close My Baby Trend Stroller?

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While some Baby Trend strollers are more straightforward to close, others are unique and require more complicated procedures.

To this end:
I’ve provided the essential information you need close a Baby Trend stroller. 

Keep reading to discover a step-by-step guide to folding the most commonly-used Baby Trend strollers. 

How to Close a Baby Trend Stroller

While there’s no general method to fold all Baby Trend strollers, they all employ a locking mechanism to close. This locking mechanism could either be a push button or a lever on the handlebar’s frame. Simply engage the button and pull your strollers together to fold them.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Folding 4 Baby Trend Stroller Models

Learn to fold four popular Baby Trend stroller models in practical and easy steps. 

1. Baby Trend Tri-Fold Mini Stroller


The Tri-Fold Stroller is considered one of Baby Trend’s most popular and comfortable models

It is lightweight and features a 3-step folding mechanism for easy carriage and storage.

Here’s how to close this stroller model:

Step 1: Push the footrest down.

Step 2: Locate the push button in the middle of the handlebar.

Step 3: Hold the button and push it towards you while pushing the stroller forward to fold it in half.

Step 4: On both sides of the handlebar, you’ll see a lever. Toggle the lever till it’s in a horizontal form and clasp it in the latch attached to it. 

Step 5: Use the shoulder strap to hang the stroller on your shoulder or carry it in your hands.

2. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

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The Baby Trend expedition stroller is lightweight, with a front swivel wheel, a storage basket, and a tether strap. 

It is excellent for jogging as well as for everyday use.

Here’s how to close this stroller model:

Step 1: Hold the red buttons on both sides of the handlebar.

Step 2: Press the buttons and pull them towards you to collapse the stroller. 

Step 3: You’ll notice the stroller start to fold up as you do so.


You can easily balance it on its wheels or allow it to stand in a corner.

3. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller


The Sit N Stand Double Stroller has two full-size stroller seats, a detachable rear seat, and a canopy to protect babies from the sun.

Here’s how to close this stroller model:

Step 1: Find the push button in the middle area of the handlebar frame  

Step 2: Concurrently push the button towards you and pull the stroller seats together.

Step 3: Clasp the latch on the side to hold the stroller securely.

4. Baby Trend Expedition ELX Stroller 

Here’s the thing:

Aside from an infant car seat with multiple reclining positions, the expedition ELX stroller comes with front swivel wheels and a chassis brake.


It has a tether strap and an open storage bin with zipper closure.

Here’s how to close this stroller model:

Step 1: Push the button in the middle of the handlebar.

Step 2: Use your two hands to pull the stroller together until it collapses completely. 

Step 3: Ensure that the handlebar is on top of the stroller before lifting it with the shoulder strap or storing it.

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All in all:
According to Baby Trend, all their strollers employ an easy fold technique to allow compact storage. 

You can fold your Baby Trend stroller easily by following the steps outlined above.

You should keep the following in mind when folding your Baby Trend stroller.

  • All the Baby Trend strollers listed above utilize a push-button for folding purposes.
  • Once you find the push button, folding your stroller shouldn’t be too difficult.
  • To prevent damage, you must remove all accessories from your stroller before folding.  
  • Feel free to refer to your user manual if you run into any issues while folding your stroller. 

One more thing:
I hope that you found this guide enlightening and helpful. 

However, if you still have questions regarding other Baby Trend strollers, feel free to reach out to us in the comment section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Folding the Baby Trend Strollers

How Do You Fold Up a Baby Trend Stroller?

Fortunately, all Baby Trend strollers have a locking mechanism, usually a push button or lever on the handlebar. This button, combined with the correct folding action, will help collapse your stroller in a few minutes.

How Do You Close a Baby Trend Tango Travel System Stroller?

The tango travel system stroller is one of the easiest to close. Simply push back the seat material till you find the folding strap embedded in it. Then, pull the strap up, and your baby stroller will fold inwards.

How Do I Close My Baby Trend Double Jogging Stroller?

To close your Baby Trend Double Jogging Stroller, engage the latch at the sides and lock them in place. That’s it; you’re good to go.

How Do You Close a Stroller?

Each baby stroller brand or model has unique closing procedures. We suggest you check the user manual of the specific stroller you’re trying to close. In addition, you could watch helpful tutorials on YouTube.

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