How Many Cloth Diapers Do I Need For My Baby?

Here’s the thing:
Cloth diapers provide a softer feel against babies’ skin and improve breathability. However, deciding how many diapers your baby needs daily can be a hassle.

Because we know this:
We’ve outlined some useful tips to help you estimate the number of cloth diapers your baby needs daily.

You’ll need more cloth diapers for your newborn baby than for an older baby. Also, every day is different, and all babies do not follow a general daily diaper usage.

On some days:
Your baby will utilize more diapers, either due to body changes, sickness, or stooling.

Look at the table below to see the number of diapers needed for your baby based on age.

AgeNumber of Diapers Daily
3-6 months old6-8
6-12 months old4-6
18+ months old2-4

In addition:
You should take note of the factors listed below for a more accurate estimation.

1. Age

Here’s the thing:
Newborns require more diapers than older babies because they often get wet for the first few days after delivery. Hence, they may require a diaper change every two hours.

If your baby uses a few diapers, it may indicate dehydration, and fewer poopy diapers may indicate constipation or other digestive issues.

2. Type of Diaper

Know this:
Cloth diapers come in various styles, including pocket diapers, flats, prefolds, and all-in-twos.

Depending on the type you’re using, you might need to change the diapers entirely, the liners, or just the absorbent part of the diaper

3. Cloth Diaper Cover

Cloth diaper covers lined with (polyurethane laminate) PUL can be wiped down and reused without being washed.

Since these diapers can be used multiple times before washing, simply wipe them clean instead of washing them entirely. 

4. Mother’s Laundry Habits

The amount of cloth diapers you’ll need for your baby also depends on how often you’re able to launder used diapers.

Since washing diapers every day may be too stressful and time-consuming, washing them every 2-3 days is convenient.

As such:
The number of diapers you should make available depends on your laundry schedule.

What Are the Types of Cloth Diapers?

Cloth diapers are available in different sizes, types, and designs. Depending on your preferences and baby’s needs, here are some you need to look out for.

1. Pocket Cloth Diapers

Get this:

Pocket diapers have a built-in interior pocket where a removable padded absorbent insert is placed. 

The pocket diaper’s inner material is slightly absorbent, but the padded insert is where most waste is absorbed. 

You can customize your pocket cloth diaper by trying different inserts or stuffing the pocket with 2-3 inserts.

One more thing:
Ensure to wash both parts of the diaper after each use.

2. Prefold Cloth Diapers


Prefold cloth diapers are produced in various sizes and fabrics, including bamboo and hemp.

They are usually folded and stitched with more layers in the middle to create a thicker center.

3. Fitted Diapers with Covers


This type of cloth diaper is similar to a prefold diaper, except that the absorbent part of the diaper is already fitted with fasteners.

Fitted diapers with covers allow you to use the same cover 3-4 times before washing. They are also very absorbent and less likely to leak. 

4. All-in-Ones Cloth Diapers 

Here’s the thing:

All-in-ones cloth diapers function similarly to disposable diapers, providing both an absorbent layer and a waterproof outer material in a single piece.


Because the All-in-one cloth diaper is a single-unit diaper, it takes a considerable time to dry when washed. 

5. Hybrid or All-in-Twos Cloth Diapers 


Hybrid cloth diapers uniquely combine the benefits of cloth diapers with the ease of disposable diapers. 

They have a waterproof outer cover and two inner absorbent-layer options for which you could either use a cloth insert or a disposable insert. 


Hybrid diapers are similar to all-in-one diapers, except that the inner material is not attached.

6. One-Size Diapers

Here’s the thing:

One-size diapers grow with your baby. You can use these diapers for your newborn baby and still use them when your child gets older.

You see:

They have snap or velcro closures that can be adjusted depending on your baby’s size at a particular time.


All in all:
Diapers are exceedingly relevant to the hygiene and general care of babies.

If you’re thinking of switching from disposable diapers to cloth diapers, ensure you know everything it entails before deciding. 

This includes estimating the number of cloth diapers your baby will need daily.

Remember, the factors to take note of are:

  • The baby’s age
  • Type of diaper
  • Cloth diaper cover
  • The mother’s laundry habits

Note that:
It’s always wise to have extra diapers in case of emergencies.

One more thing:
Did you find our guide helpful? Do you think we might have missed anything? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions About Cloth Diapers Needed For Babies

What is a Good Number of Cloth Diapers To Have?

The total amount of cloth diapers you’d need for your baby varies depending on certain factors. These include your baby’s age, your laundry habits, and the type of diapers you use.

How Many Cloth Diapers Does Your Baby Need by Age?

You’d need about 8-12 diapers a day for a newborn. For a 3-6 months-old baby, you’d need about 6-8 diapers a day, and 4-6 diapers for a 6-12 months-old baby.

However, if your baby is older than 18 months, you’d require about 2-4 diapers a day.

Are 20 Cloth Diapers Enough?

Twenty cloth diapers could be enough or excessive, depending on your baby’s age and how often the child needs changing.

How Many Cloth Diapers Do I Need?

You can estimate how many diapers you’ll need for your baby based on all the factors we’ve mentioned above.

Ensure to add extra diapers in your baby’s diaper bag for an emergency, especially if your child is a heavy wetter.

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