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Family Christmas Bucket List Ideas: 100 Activities to Make Your December Magical

Are you ready to make your holiday season unforgettable?

Check out our 100 Christmas bucket list ideas! It’s a collection of heartwarming traditions and fun activities that will bring your family closer.

And as a special gift, we have a downloadable PDF with 25 Christmas activities.

Let’s make this December super special!

What Is A Christmas Bucket List?

A Christmas bucket list is a list of activities, like a “to-do” list, that one wants to accomplish during the holiday season.

It could include anything from baking holiday treats to visiting friends and family to watching classic holiday movies.

The idea is to create a fun and festive way to enjoy the holiday season and make the most of it.

How Do You Make A Christmas Bucket List?

Making a Christmas bucket list can be a fun and festive way to get into the holiday spirit.

To create your list, start by brainstorming all the activities and traditions you want to do during the holiday season. This could include things like baking cookies, watching classic Christmas movies, attending holiday concerts or shows, decorating your home or tree, volunteering, taking a winter hike, or visiting a local holiday market.

Once you have a list of ideas, prioritize them based on what’s most important or feasible to accomplish.

Then, start checking off items on your list and enjoy the holiday season to the fullest!

Check out our bucket list! It’s packed with fun activities to do every day from December 1st until Boxing Day. Get inspired and enjoy the holiday season!

100 Family Christmas Bucket List Ideas

Create a memorable Christmas bucket list with our 100 ideas for this festive season.

From classic traditions to creative crafts, outdoor adventures, and acts of kindness, these activities will add an extra layer of magic to your celebrations.

Let’s make this Christmas unforgettable!

Here’s a list of 100 family Christmas bucket list ideas:

1. Decorate the Christmas tree together.

2. Hang Christmas stockings.

3. Create handmade ornaments.

4. Write letters to Santa Claus.

5. Visit a local tree lighting ceremony.

6. Watch a Christmas parade.

7. Go caroling in your neighborhood.

8. Host a gingerbread house decorating contest.

9. Build a snowman.

10. Have a family snowball fight.

11. Bake and decorate cookies.

12. Make hot cocoa.

13. Watch a classic holiday movie.

14. Go ice skating.

15. Visit a holiday-themed market.

16. Take a winter hike in the woods.

17. Host a Christmas-themed party.

18. Create DIY holiday cards.

19. Attend a Christmas church.

20. Volunteer as a family for a local charity.

21. Make paper snowflakes.

22. Hang mistletoe in your home.

23. Go on a holiday light tour in your town.

24. Read a Christmas story together.

25. Have a gift-wrapping party.

26. Write down your family’s holiday traditions.

27. Organize a Secret Santa gift exchange.

28. Enjoy a cozy family pajama day.

29. Roast marshmallows and make s’mores.

30. Create a Christmas scrapbook.

31. Visit a local holiday-themed attraction.

32. Have a cookie exchange with friends.

33. Go on a carriage ride.

34. Watch the Nutcracker ballet.

35. Host a holiday game night.

36. Take a family photo with Santa.

37. Build a blanket fort and watch movies inside.

38. Donate toys to a toy drive.

39. Go sledding on a snowy hill.

40. Make and exchange handmade gifts.

41. Play a holiday-themed scavenger hunt.

42. Have a “white elephant” gift exchange.

43. Go on a holiday shopping spree.

44. Attend a local Christmas concert.

45. Make your own holiday music playlist.

46. Decorate your home with paper chains.

47. Have a holiday-themed karaoke night.

48. Take a family trip to see relatives.

49. Host a Christmas “Tacky Sweater” party.

50. Visit a local nursing home and spread cheer.

51. Create an advent calendar with daily surprises.

52. Go on a winter camping trip.

53. Make and hang bird feeders for wildlife.

54. Write thank-you letters to teachers.

55. Decorate your front porch with lights and garlands.

56. Make a holiday centerpiece for the table.

57. Organize a family Christmas-themed talent show.

58. Build a snow fort.

59. Play in the snow with colored water.

60. Have a DIY hot chocolate bar.

61. Create a gratitude jar and add notes daily.

62. Make your own Christmas stockings.

63. Host a holiday brunch with friends.

64. Organize a “Guess the Gift” game.

65. Attend a holiday play or theater production.

66. Take a winter photo walk in your neighborhood.

67. Write a family holiday poem.

68. Take a ride on a holiday-themed train.

69. Go on a holiday-themed escape room adventure.

70. Have a “Wrap Battle” to see who can wrap gifts the fastest.

71. Visit a local animal shelter and bring treats.

72. Write your family’s Christmas story.

73. Bake and decorate a gingerbread village.

74. Make a donation to a favorite charity.

75. Host a holiday craft night.

76. Take a family photo in matching holiday sweaters.

77. Create a holiday countdown clock.

78. Go on a holiday-themed scavenger hunt.

79. Host a “Guess the Movie” night with holiday films.

80. Make DIY Christmas candles.

81. Organize a “reindeer games” day with family competitions.

82. Make homemade eggnog.

83. Attend a tree-lighting ceremony.

84. Take a holiday-themed cooking class together.

85. Create a family Christmas playlist and dance.

86. Make a popcorn garland for the tree.

87. Host a holiday trivia night.

88. Go on a holiday-themed nature walk.

89. Bake and decorate holiday-themed cupcakes.

90. Have a festive outdoor picnic.

91. Write and perform a family Christmas skit.

92. Decorate your driveway with chalk art.

93. Host a holiday-themed book club meeting.

94. Take a family photo with holiday props.

95. Create your own holiday-themed board game.

96. Make and exchange homemade ornaments with friends.

97. Host a holiday-themed puzzle night.

98. Take a scenic drive to enjoy winter landscapes.

99. Watch the sunrise or sunset on Christmas Day.

100. Reflect on the year and set family goals for the next one.


Making a family Christmas bucket list is super important if you want to have a holiday season that’s filled with happiness and memorable moments. 

These fun activities, from classic traditions to creative crafts and good deeds, will bring you and your loved ones closer together and create memories that will last forever.

We’ve taken it one step further to make your celebrations even more special. We’ve prepared a FREE downloadable PDF with 25 pre-planned Christmas activities, ready so you can start right on December 1st. 

Download it now, and get ready to have a blast this Christmas.

FAQ: Family Christmas Bucket List Ideas

What should my family do for Christmas?

Christmas is a great time for families to get together and have fun. You can have a special meal, exchange gifts, decorate your home, and do things that bring joy. You can watch holiday movies, play games, and share special moments with your loved ones.

What is a family bucket list?

A family bucket list is a list of fun and exciting activities a family wants to do together to create long-lasting memories and strengthen their bond. It includes adventures or goals that are enjoyable and meaningful for the whole family to experience together.

How can I make my family happy at Christmas?

To make your family happy during Christmas, spend quality time with them, exchange thoughtful gifts, and create a warm and festive atmosphere with decorations and holiday activities everyone enjoys. Show love and appreciation, and focus on being together to celebrate the season. Remember, the true meaning of Christmas is to cherish the time spent with loved ones.

How do you make a Christmas bucket list?

Get your family together and have a brainstorming session for a Christmas bucket list. Come up with fun and meaningful activities to do during the holiday season and write them down. Then, prioritize them to create a checklist of things to enjoy as a family.

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