double strollers compatible with chicco keyfit 30

5 Best Double Strollers Compatible with Chicco KeyFit 30 and Their Pros and Cons

Everyone loves the Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat primarily for its uncomplicated and secure installations. So, it’s no surprise you went ahead and got it for your baby.

You want to avoid rousing your sleeping baby by achieving seamless transitions from your car to the stroller or the other way around.

To that end:
Here is a compilation of the top 5 double strollers compatible with your Chicco KeyFit 30 with their pros and cons.

1. Chicco Bravo For2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller 

Get this:

Using the same brand for both equipment is recommended for the most fluid synergy between a car seat and a stroller.

That is why the Chicco Bravo For2 Standing/Sitting double stroller is an ideal choice for your Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat.

To use:

Simply fold the front seat forward to give room for the KeyFit 30 and attach the 5-point harness securely. 

This double stroller is appealing for multiple reasons, based on reviews confirming customer satisfaction.

  • First, because it was also manufactured by Chicco, you wouldn’t require a car seat adapter to use it with your KeyFit 30.
  • It is equipped to accommodate two children simultaneously. Trust me, this double stroller is a godsend for parents with twins or a baby and toddler
  • Its tandem frame enables this double stroller to be as nimble as a single stroller in narrow spaces.
  • This double stroller has a parent tray with two cup holders and a small storage compartment for belongings. You know it doesn’t get more convenient than this.
  • Users have asserted that this double stroller is easier to maneuver than other brands.
  • It is furnished with wear-resistant rubber tires that provide a smooth ride regardless of the ground surface.
  • This double stroller’s quick one-handed folding mechanism is highly favorable as the process is effortless.

This double stroller has a few dismissable cons.

  • Users noticed that the toddler seat poses an obstruction creating difficulty when using the storage unit. 
  • The canopy is a tad short and could be improved.
  • Some users complain that though it seems lightweight for a double stroller, it is still significantly heavy.

Fun fact:
A study from the Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy concludes that pushing a weighted double stroller enhances cardiorespiratory fitness. Thus, leading to improved vitality. 

So, if your stroller is heavy, think of it as a necessary evil.

2. Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller


The Chicco Cortina Together double stroller is another directly compatible stroller with the Chicco KeyFit 30. 

Like the Chicco Bravo For2 double stroller, you can connect your KeyFit 30 without needing a car seat adapter.


This tandem double stroller’s compatibility with your KeyFit 30 will facilitate smooth transitions for your twins or infant and toddler.

Aside from that, these are some of its draws:

  • This double stroller has longevity hacked. You can use it until your child is five years old, provided the child fits the weight recommendation. 
  • It is equipped with an all-wheel suspension and optional toe-tap swivels that make for a hitch-free ride. 
  • This double stroller has adjustable canopies with detachable peek-a-boo windows.
  • The stroller seats are padded and reclinable. Also, the ergonomic stroller handle is height-adjustable, and the stroller is easy to push.
  • Its toe-top brakes prevent tripping or other locomotive mishaps and keep the stroller securely parked. As a result, you would never have to worry about your stroller rolling off with your kids.

On the other hand:

  • This stroller is a bit large and takes up relatively more space than other stroller models.
  • Users have also complained that lifting it is pretty heavy when loading it in and out of cars.
  • The canopy has poor coverage and could be longer as it barely shields from the sun. An Amazon customer has recounted covering their child’s legs with a blanket to make up for this defect.

If you encounter any problems while fixing your KeyFit 30 to your stroller, don’t hesitate to contact Chicco Customer Support for assistance. 

3. Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Jogging Stroller


You’d love to pair your Chicco car seat with a matching Chicco stroller. But what if you already have a stroller from another brand? 

To solve this problem:

Experts have invented brand-specific adapters to help create a match between your stroller and your car seat when necessary. 


Judging from its features, the Thule Urban Glide 2 double jogging stroller is great for active parents. 


Specialists advise that you only use this double jogging stroller for jogging when your infant is above six months old.

Here are some plus sides to using this double stroller:

  • Its efficient suspension system is designed to suit all terrains and ensures a smooth and comfortable ride for your infant. 
  • The front swivel wheel can be locked, affording the caregiver more control over the stroller’s movement.
  • It has an installed twist hand brake that could prevent accidents during a jog.
  • This double stroller comes with ample storage space for loose belongings and baby supplies. Who doesn’t love a storage compartment in their infant’s stroller? 
  • It has a sleek, ultra-modern look and a lightweight feel. 
  • You can easily pack up and store your stroller with a one-handed compact fold. Simply twist the release lever to fold your Thule in half.
  • If your child needs a quick nap, you can recline the stroller seat effortlessly. Plus, the stroller comes with padded leg rests for extra comfort.
  • This stroller has a large and effective canopy design that protects your kids from the sun’s harsh rays. You can also check on your kids through the magnetic peek-a-boo window.

On the downside:

  • With this double stroller. you must purchase an adapter to use your Chicco KeyFit 30. This no doubt means more expenses, though negligible compared to the price of a Chicco double stroller.
  • You cannot use a car seat and bassinet simultaneously in this stroller. As such, if you have newborn twins, this may not be the best option for your convenience.
  • The stroller’s seats have a moderately reclined position even when unmodified. And some parents worry that it could affect their baby’s spine over time.

The general verdict is:
Although this stroller requires an adapter to function with your KeyFit 30, it is worth your money. You would do well to give it a shot!

4. BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Double Jogging Stroller

Take your kids anywhere outside with the BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie double jogging stroller. 

It is another high-end stroller compatible with the Chicco KeyFit 30, but only with a BOB infant car seat adapter.

People love this stroller for these reasons:

  • It has an adjustable handlebar that fits parents of any height. Alter it till it is at the most comfortable length for you.
  • The air-filled, all-terrain wheels with the suspension system promise your kids a smooth, cozy, and bump-free ride.
  • You get ten storage pockets plus a massive cargo basket with this stroller. It even has a specific pocket for your cell phone on the handlebar.
  • It has a 360-degree swiveling front wheel that provides improved maneuverability and control. This wheel can also be locked in place.
  • Besides being water-resistant, the UPF 50+ canopies are large enough to shield your kids from the brutal sun rays completely. It also has a magnetic peek and chat window so you can check on your kids at intervals.
  • The stroller seats are flexible, affording your kids a comfortable ride. 

A few minor things about this stroller could be a bother. 

  • For one, you have to use an adapter with it to accommodate your KeyFit 30.
  • As if that isn’t enough trouble, using the adapter slightly compromises the canopy functionality.
  • It is a bit pricey, costing approximately $800
  • It doesn’t come with a child tray and cup holder. Users have complained that it should at least have these accessories considering its price.

All in all:
Besides these concerns, this is a very suitable double stroller if you use a Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat. 

While taking a quick walk or going for a more intense jog, you can rest assured that your babies are comfortable and secure.

Guess what?

It also fits the Disney stroller size requirements. So, what are you waiting for?

5. Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller

Last on my list:

The Baby Jogger City Select double stroller is a single to double stroller that is great for a growing family. 

It is compatible with various infant car seat brands. However, you would need an adapter to use it with a Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat. 


It has multiple attractive features, which include the following:

  • The rear stroller seat is elevated like stadium seats giving both kids an unobstructed view of their environment. The seats are also adjustable, allowing you to position your kids towards you.
  • It is furnished with a practical hand brake mechanism for accident prevention and better stroller control.
  • With a suspension system on all four wheels, this stroller offers your kids a seamless and hitch-free ride
  • Users have commended the stroller for its easy maneuverability and lightweight frame.
  • This stroller is extremely versatile with its convertible feature and up to 24 different configurations. You can convert it to a single stroller or even a triple stroller by adding or removing a few parts. 
  • It has sufficiently sized adjustable canopies with UV 50+ protection, a peek-a-boo window, and a ventilation flap. The benefits of these features are glaring and need no mention.

As expected:
People have some adverse comments about this double stroller.

  • Apparently, although the stroller is designed to work well on all terrains, it gets stuck on playground gravel. This means you’d have to push with more effort, which doesn’t sound, look or feel good at all.
  • It is pretty expensive, pegged at an estimated $850. Moreover, you still need to purchase necessary add-ons and accessories separately.

At the end of the day:
You have to decide whether the pros outweigh the cons while considering factors like your finances. 

But it bears mentioning that it is undoubtedly one of the top-rated double strollers that would work well with your KeyFit 30.

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We all know that:
When shopping for a new double stroller for your kids, there are numerous factors to consider. 

Still, you must not make the mistake of forgetting to contemplate the stroller’s compatibility with your infant car seat.

As such:
If you use a Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat, these are some top-rated double strollers that are most suitable:

  • Chicco Bravo For2 Standing/Sitting double stroller
  • Chicco Cortina Together double stroller
  • Thule Urban Glide 2 double stroller
  • BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie double jogging stroller
  • Baby Jogger City Select double stroller

All in all:
This guide will prove useful to you during your stroller selection process. 

In the long run, making the right double stroller choice for your KeyFit 30 would afford you a dollop of convenience.

On a final note:
I’d love to receive feedback from you, so kindly leave a comment below. All questions, suggestions, and opinions are welcome here!

Frequently Asked Questions About Double Strollers Compatible with Chicco KeyFit 30

What Double Jogging Strollers Are Compatible with Chicco KeyFit?

Regarding compatibility with the Chicco KeyFit, the Thule Urban Glide 2 double jogging stroller is the most popular option. In addition, the BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie double jogging stroller is another alternative that is just as efficient.

What Stroller Will Work with a Chicco KeyFit 30?

A range of single and double strollers work well with the Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat. However, the most notable of this lot is the Chicco Bravo LE Trio Travel System, which needs no adapter for a perfect fit.

Can Chicco KeyFit Be Used by City Select Double Stroller?

The Chicco KeyFit 30 is among the handful of infant car seats compatible with the City Select double stroller. This stroller can also be used with the Baby Jogger, Maxi-Cosi, Graco, and Cybex infant seats, along with their adapters.

Has the Chicco KeyFit 30 Been Recalled?

Because the Chicco KeyFit 30 did not fulfill specific requirements for chest acceleration in accordance with safety regulations, it was recalled in Canada. However, this recall applied to the infant car seats manufactured between December 30, 2013, and May 21, 2018.

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