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Toddler teething relief: how to make the pain go away

Teething is a time of distress for babies as well as parents. To know that your baby is in pain and there is nothing much you can do to stop it is not a pleasant feeling. Babies first start teething between 4 and 7 months of age.

Teeth usually appear in this order: the bottom two middle teeth, then the top two middle ones, then those along the sides and back.

Toddler teething relief

The trouble usually comes with the molars trying to push through the baby’s gums when your little one is around 12 – 16 months old. The second molars come when the baby is around two years of age.

But don’t worry.

There are definitely ways you can lessen the pain and make teething bearable for your little angel.

Follow our 5 tips to make your baby smile again. Because there is nothing more wonderful than seeing that wide smile with those little teeth peeking out!

5 Tips for Toddler Teething Relief

  1. Apply gentle pressure either with your fingers, a clean toothbrush, or a wet washcloth to relieve your little one’s discomfort.
  2. Use cold fruits and vegetables to make the pain go away. Let your baby nibble on a cold carrot or slice up a chilled apple or a watermelon. Any type of fruit will do the trick!
  3. Use teething toys. There are many different types of teething toys. So find out what works best for you. The ones that work best for us are those with liquid inside. You just pop one in the fridge for 20 minutes and let your baby have a go. The cold and the applied pressure will work wonders for your baby, and you’ll have a smiling toddler in no time.
  4. Prepare chilled foods to make eating easier. Teething can sometimes lead to a loss of appetite. So you have to search for clever ways to sneak in food without the need to chew much. We’ve found that yogurts and smoothies work best, as well as, for example, cold applesauce.
  5. Have a sippy cup at hand. Drinking cool water can also help ease the pain. Make sure your baby has a cup filled with cool drinks and that they can sip it at their own pace.

Extra tip: Put a spoon in the fridge (not the freezer, ‘cause it may stick!) and let your baby gnaw on it all they want!

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