Children and Technology

Digital media, like any other, has its advantages and disadvantages. Focus on the recommendations based on our three articles. Consider interactive games in particular, as they can bring more than watching TV. The final decision and setting rules in the family is in the hands of the parents, but do not forget to take into account the opinion of the child.

Here are a few key points every parent should consider:

  • Digital technology for children older 3 years
  • Time limit for playing time (and watching TV) – for younger children up to 20 minutes daily, the elderly may be allowed to play/watch longer (up to 2 hours per day), but sports activities shouldn’t be displaced, etc.
  • Place emphasis on content – no violence, looking for quality, educational, interactive content appropriate to the child’s age (rule 3-6-9-12)
  • Game as an opportunity for fun together – choose games that allow playing with friends, play games with children
  • Playing should be balanced by other activities – outdoor movement, time spent with friends, parents, etc.

Our three articles full of advices on topic “Children and Technology”:

  1. Children and technology: Rules for the use of technology
  2. Children and Technology: Rule 3-6-9-12
  3. Children and technology: Positive and negative effects of technology
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